Our Vision
All Yours Wedding Photography creates satisfied clients by providing personal attention to help make your special day go smoothly and to preserve the memories of it on film or tape. 

Our Company
All Yours Wedding Photography provides photography and/or video coverage for weddings, anniversary parties, First Communions and other special events.

We also take Senior Portriats, youth sports team photos, family portraits and most of your other photographic needs.

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Will we travel outside of the Toledo area?


Yes.  If your wedding is more that 20 miles outside of the Toledo area, there will be a nominal charge to cover travel time and expense.


Towns such as Bowling Green, Monroe and Delta are covered in the standard package price.  We recently shot a wedding in Dayton, Ohio (about 3 hours away) and we have done a number of weddings in the Cleveland and Detroit areas.  Call and we can discuss the details.


Will we do just the ceremony and not the reception?


Sometimes.  While we are reluctant to give up a Saturday night “in season” for a church only booking, we may be able to accommodate you if your wedding is on a Saturday, Nov. through March, starts at noon or earlier, is less than six weeks away.  Friday or Sunday church only bookings are available anytime.


           When considering this option, please keep in mind that you can probably get a full package from us at less cost than a church only package from someone else.


Is there an extra charge for set up?




Are photo albums available?


Yes.  We offer a custom cross-stitched album for $30.00


Is there an extra charge for photos taken at another setting in between the ceremony and reception?


No, but it is important to allow time for this when setting up your schedule for the day.


Is there an extra charge for us to stay at the reception beyond 9:00 p.m.?


No. We are there to preserve the event, not dictate its schedule.


Can we incorporate video shot by friends or relatives? 


Yes.  If you have a friend or relative also shooting video and we can borrow their tape, we will be happy to edit their tape together with ours when you order a fully edited video, using the best angle for each event.  If they bring the output cables for their camera, we can copy their tape at the reception.


Is sales tax included in the prices shown here?


No. Sales tax (currently 6 3/4 %) is required by law to be charged on your total.


How far in advance do I need to reserve my date?


It varies.  In a nutshell, it comes down to reserving your date before someone else does.  Some dates are booked a year and a half or more in advance and some dates are available on short notice.  There is no way to predict which your date will be.

The best advice is the sooner, the better.


Are there any special extra services that you provide?


Yes, several.    While we are not a full service wedding planner, we are happy to discuss your plans for your other vendors, arrangements and schedules.  We can share our 25 plus years of experience to help your special day go smoothly.


            In addition to camera gear, we bring one bag to the wedding containing “emergency supplies” like bobby pins, safety pins, a small sewing kit, curling iron, clothes iron, combs, etc.


            To help make everyone feel at ease, we try to learn the names of your wedding party and immediate family.  It’s easier when shooting still photos rather than video because we interact more and of course, a party of 10 is easier to learn than a party of 30, but we usually have a lot of names connected with faces by the time we leave the church.


Can I request a special photo?


Yes.  We can give you a list of our standard poses.  We will be happy to add any poses or groupings that you would like.


Is there anything else that I need to plan on?


Yes. Please be sure to ask all of the people that you want to have in your posed photos to stay at the church after the ceremony.  Parents and wedding party members usually know that they will be needed for photos.  However, unless asked to stay, grandparents, siblings and any special aunts, uncles or godparents may leave following the ceremony


          Also, we do ask that you include your photographer/videographer in your headcount when making arrangements with your caterer.


Do we do other events besides weddings?


Yes.  If you are planning an anniversary party, First Communion, Confirmation, family reunion or other event that you would like to have memories of preserved on film or video, please ask.  We will custom design a package for you. 


We can also do photos of children’s sports teams and Senior Pictures.


Can we recommend a DJ?


Yes.  We recommend A Buck O Five DJ Service.  They can be reached by phone at (419) 478-0488 or visit their website at:  ABuckOFiveDJs.com.


Do we hope to hear from you soon?


Most definitely!

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